Forcem 1310

min. 35 MPa
Tensile strength under bending–28 days
min. 7 MPa
Compressive strength – 28 days
light grey
10 – 50 mm
Layer (mm)
1,8 kg/m2
min. 30 min.
Pot life (min)
2 – 4 h
Foot traffic at 20°C (hours)
7 days
Full load at 20°C (days)
6 months
Shelf life (month)
3.5 - 4 l/25kg
Water (l)
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Forcem 1310

Characteristics of product

Forcem is a dry powder mix containing special types of cements, fillers and chemical admixtures, including the additives ASA and CRYX.


Use of product

The levelling flowable quick screed Forcem is intended for the preparation of a levelling layer of concrete floors, where excellent flatness and adhesion to the base concrete is required. Forcem can be applied to seasoned bases, and as a result of the rapid loss of moisture and compatibility of composition, final layers can be applied on it with minimal technological breaks.

Properties of product

  • The dry mixture directly contains the special additive ASA (Anti-Shrinkage Agent), which significantly reduces the formation of hairline fractures on the surface of the resultant floor, which improves the mechanical properties of the material. In addition, it makes laying less difficult.
  • The additive CRYX creates a so-called crystallisation effect, which bonds the mixing water into the crystal structure of the material being formed, which prevents it leaking into space, reduces the setting time and, in particular, significantly reduces the formation of microcracks. 
  • Thanks to the SILICA EFFECT, through the use of very fine round particles in the dry element a lower porosity is achieved and thus lower absorbability, greater frost resistance and corrosion resistance, also an increase in physical-mechanical properties (in compression, flexural tensile strength and abrasion resistance) and greater compactness.
  • CRACK STOP treatment. The product contains highly resistant zirconic fibres ensuring three-dimensional (omnidirectional) reinforcement of the material in the course of its maturing and subsequently helps improve resilience to high local burden.
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