FormulaForte 1630 SHINE

Delivered state
1-2 mm
Depth of ingress
2-4 hrs at 20° C
Drying time
1.050 kg/m3
0.05 - 0.25 kg/mm/m2
24 months from the production date
Warranty period
Shelf life (month)
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FormulaForte 1630 SHINE

System characteristics

FormulaForte system is the world’s unique combination of preparations applied on concrete surfaces. These preparations penetrate deeply into concrete and ensure that the floor cures due to the chemical transformation of soft particles to highly resistant compounds; in addition, they ensure the long-term and permanent enhancement of the compactness and hydrophobicity of the surface by filling open pores with C-H-S gel. And last but not least, they provide for improved aesthetical properties due to increased floor surface gloss. The treated surfaces resist surface abrasion, have reduced dust and absorption capacity, and are easier to clean. FormulaForte system can be used with or without mechanical surface treatments such as grinding, shot blasting, etc. Due to repeated maintenance using cleaning machines, a smooth, reinforcing film is created on the substrate surface, which increases the aesthetical value of the floor

System application

The preparation can be applied to stabilize impaired concrete surfaces.

Function and system advantages:

  • Curing and enhancing the abrasion resistance Durability
  • Considerable reduction of dustiness Chemical curing2
  • Long-term crystallization Technology of pure silicates
  • Deep penetration Enhanced resistance to stains
  • Minimized down times Reduced tire marks
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