Fortedur 1021 Wet

Sintered oxide based
Specific contents in the dry mixture
min. 70 MPa
Tensile strength under bending–28 days
0,035 mm
Abrasion resistance BCA
5-20 mm
Layer (mm)
4,0 - 4,5 / 25 l/kg
Water (l)
See pricelist
12 months
Shelf life (month)
1,8 kg/m2
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Fortedur 1021 Wet

System characteristics

The Fortedur Wet screeding mix contains special kinds of cements, aggregates, fibres, chemical additives including ASA.

System application

The Fortedur Wet screeding mix is intended for the preparation of the wear layer in the industrial concrete floors, with heavy-duty characteristics, where an extreme abrasion resistance, impact resistance and an increased seepage resistance (oil, solvents, and others) is required. The screeding mix is applied as a surface finish of the fresh-laid concrete mix or an older concrete underlayer. If the application conditions are met, the system can also be used with outdoor surfaces.
Functional reliability is guaranteed in the recommended system, which consists of the Fortedur Wet powder mixture and a special hardening coat Fortecoat 1425, 1426 (water based)..

System specialities

  • ASA (Anti-Shrinkage Agent) is a special additive contained directly in the dry mixture, which significantly reduces the formation of plastic cracking on the surface of the finished floor by providing a higher volume stability. This also improves the resultant appearance and mechanical properties of the finished floor.
  • CRACK STOP finish. The product contains highly resistant zirconic fibres which ensure three-dimensional (omnidirectional) reinforcement of the material during the ageing process and subsequently help to increase the resistance against a high local load.
  • Fortecoat 1425, 1426 ˇV is a specially designed coat with an absolute compatibility with the dry component of the system together forming an idealunity demonstrated in a perfect curing of the floor layer and its sealing against oil and water.
  • By adding the highly abrasion-resistant micro-particles, which become part of the uppermost top layer in the finished system, surface resistance is significantly increased.
  • Using the hyper-fine spherical particles in the dry component of the system, the SILICA EFFECT helps reduce porosity and seepage, increase freeze resistance and corrosion resistance, and provides better physical and mechanical properties (compression, bending tension, abrasion) and improved compactness.


  • Extra-long life time of the floor in comparison with the conventional concrete screeds, at a minimum extra cost.
  • High productivity and simplicity of laying
  • High operational load resistance
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increased seepage resistance against aggressive substances (oils, solvents, etc.)
  • Limited dust formation and surface slip resistance


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