Fortedur 1030

Metallic aggregate
Specific contents in the dry mixture
min. 80 MPa
Tensile strength under bending–28 days
0,02 mm
Abrasion resistance BCA
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12 months
Shelf life (month)
3 – 6 kg/m2
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Fortedur 1030

System characteristics

Fortedur system consist of dry powder mixture containing special cements, selected aggregates, chemical admixtures including ASA additive and further from complementary hardening sealer - Fortecoat 1425, 1426.

System application

Fortedur system is used to create durable topping of monolithic concrete floors with resistance to high duty, supreme resistance to abrasion and increased resistance to the penetration of oil and grease. Immediately after usual fitting of the concrete slab Fortedur is sprinkled on the fresh wet concrete.

System specialties

  • ASA additive (Anti-Shrinkage Agent) is special ingredient of dry mixture, which rapidly decreases creation of cracks of topping securing higher volume stability. It improves final visual impression and consequently perfects mechanical characteristics of floor.
  • Fortecoat 1425, 1426 – is hardening sealer which by his perfect compatibility with dry part of system guarantees better hardening and increased resistance to the penetration of oil and grease.
  • High abrasive resistant micro particles, which are creating upper floor layer of final system, are improving final abrasion resistance.
  • Use of very fine spherical particles forms SILICA EFFECT, which lowers porosity and absorptivity and increases frost and corrosion resistance, compressive strength and solidity.
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