Fortedur 1091

15 min.
Pot life (min)
max. 2,0 mm
Layer (mm)
max. 2,0mm
Maximum grain size
cca 5,5 - 6,0 / 25 l/kg
Water (l)
12 months
Shelf life (month)
2,0 - 2,5(suché směsi) kg/m2
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Fortedur 1091

Characteristics of product

The single-element bonding slurry Fortedur 1091 is a mixture containing special types of cements, fillers and chemical additives to ensure a high level of adhesion of the bonded layers.

Use of product

The single-element bonding slurry Fortedur 1091 is intended for firm bonding of base concrete layers with other layers or bonding between layers on a cement base. After mixing with water the product is applied in the form of thin mushy material. The product Fortedur 1091 is an integral part of the screed material systems Fortedur 1011, 1021, 1026, 1031 and 1041 applied using the "wet to dry" method.

Properties of system

  • The dry mixture directly contains the special additive ASA (Anti-Shrinkage Agent), which significantly reduces the formation of cracks and prevents negative volume changes of the bonding slurry. This improves the functionality and improves the mechanical properties of the resultant bonding slurry.
  • Thanks to the SILICA EFFECT, through the use of very fine round particles in the dry element of the system a lower porosity is achieved and thus lower absorbability, greater frost resistance and corrosion resistance, and primarily greater bonding to the base.
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