Fortelock 2050, 2060

100% vinyl
510 x 510 x 7 mm
1,4 kg
92 Shore A
Resistance to chemicals
7 - 8 mm
Total thickness
7 - 8 mm
Thickness of the surface layer
T (<0.1mm / 100)
Resistance to abrasion
<0.1 mm
Deformation after static load
Dimensions of stability
>5 (bez poškození)
Color fastness to artificial light
difficult to ignite
Reaction to fire
up to 0.75 dynamic coefficient of friction
Nonslip properties
Black, gray, green, yellow, blue, red
Standard colors (More in the order form)
up to 12 years years
Warranty for wear
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Fortelock 2050, 2060

Product features

The Fortelock system consists of interlocking tiles made from 100% PVC suitable for old and new surfaces of varying quality. The tiles are manufactured in the Czech Republic using modern energy-saving injection molding machines from materials that ensure the tiles are resistant to wear and chemicals and have long-term durability.

Using the product

The ForteLock system is designed to create a floor surface layer for heavy-duty traffic, requiring extra resistance to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids (oils, solvents, etc.).
The ForteLock system can be installed on old and new surfaces of varying quality.

Advantages of the system 

  • Speed and ease of installation independent of the substrate
  • Minimum repair needs for the substrate (fights oil, cracks, etc.)
  • The floor is removable, portable and easy to repair
  • Nonslip surface free of dust
  • Long-term durability and stability even in heavy industry
  • Acts as a sound, vibration and thermal insulator
  • A floor that breathes – Air-Flow anti-moisture system
  • Resistance to mechanical damage, oil and chemicals

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