System characteristics

Chemically hardened floors with aesthetic quality are made by the application of a unique coating FormulaForte on a concrete underlayer. The coating ensures floor hardening by chemical transformation of soft elements to highly resistant compounds. It also ensures long-lasting increased surface compactness and hydrophobicity by filling the pores with C-S-H gel. Finally, it improves the floor aesthetic quality with higher gloss.

Suitable operations

Any concrete surfaces requiring increased performance and aesthetic quality

System advantages

Chemical surface hardening

Higher gloss

Surface sealing and hydrophobization

Tolerance to underlayer moisture

Low dust nuisance

Easy to clean

Simple application


Unsuitable operations

System disadvantages

Follows the surface, i.e. does not level floors with holes and/or cracks

Innovation compared with competitors

Chemical hardening2 results in filling pores with rigid C-S-H gel and chemical transformation of soft elements to highly resistant compounds.

System parameters

  • Penetration up to 12 mm depth
  • Foot traffic after 1-2 hours
  • Full load after 7 days
  • Increasing abrasion resistance by 56 %
  • Increasing compression resistance by 49 %
  • Increasing hydrophobicity by 68 %

Process steps

  • Cleaning the surface of loose particles and impurities
  • Application of FormulaForte 1610 Standard or 1620 Hard by spraying, if possible
  • Spreading the coating by a mop
  • Optional gloss maximisation by applying
  • FormulaForte 1630 Shine coating.

FormulaForte system composition

  • FormulaForte 1610 Standard (primer coating for floor hardening and gloss)
  • FormulaForte 1620 Hard (primer coating for maximum surface hardening and consolidation)
  • FormulaForte 1630 Shine (additional coating for maximum floor gloss)
FormulaForte 1610 Hard
FormulaForte 1610 Hard
curing, hydrophobization and aesthetical improvement of the surface
FormulaForte 1610 Hard
FormulaForte 1620 SUPERHARD
FormulaForte 1620 SUPERHARD
maximum curing, consolidation and hydrophobization of the surface
FormulaForte 1620 SUPERHARD
FormulaForte 1630 SHINE
FormulaForte 1630 SHINE
maximum gloss, hydrophobization and final sealing of the surface
FormulaForte 1630 SHINE
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