Informations about Fortemix company

Fortemix s.r.o. is a Czech company specializing in the manufacture of industrial floor systems. Based on this specialization, good quality, price policy and innovation we have developed a modern enterprise which has well established in 9 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We do not want to be" one among many", but our aim is to become your significant partner in the field of construction materials and chemicals. To achieve this goal, we will do our best to meet your requirements in all respects - be it immediate response to your needs, technical support, our product quality, production efficiency, etc., we will do everything for your satisfaction.


Why work with us?


Customer First

Considering the tough competition in the field of construction materials, we will do our best for our customer's satisfaction.


Innovation with No Extra Charge

Our materials comprise ASA and CRYX additives reducing volume changes and the occurrence of micro-cracks. What is more, SILICA EFFECT will make the applied product a compact whole of higher material value. Formula-Forte contains patented components enabling chemical hardening of concrete and unique pure silicates significantly increasing concrete treatment. Silverclean ensures active reduction of microbacteria on the floor surface. We provide these innovative components of our products without any extra charges.


State of the Art Manufacture

Based on the experience from our previous business activities and the knowledge of our experts, we have built one of the most modern and, considering the respective market segment, most efficient production lines both in the Czech Republic and Europe. The automated computer control system only receives prescriptions and then controls the entire production process from the tank to the palletiser automatically. Thus the human factor is limited to the minimum.


Quality on a New Level

The minimization of the human factor and manufacture in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 guarantee significant reduction of potential errors. To eliminate the remaining potential non-compliance we have established a strict control system for both input and output materials making use of computer controlled testing equipment. It comprises, for instance, a device measuring abrasive resistance based on English BCA method, a Vicat apparatus, a device for the measurement of volumetric changes and, last but not least, a computer controlled press, measuring pressure resistance and tensile strength. Another means of our product quality inspection is an implemented system of production monitoring capable of reading all the data regarding the production and delivery from the information on the product bag.


Price - better than you expect

Thanks to the aforementioned capacity of our production line we can save on wage costs, energy and input materials, which enables us to offer our materials for very competitive prices.

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