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Dear Business Partners,
Dear Customers,
before starting summer holiday, I am sending you the next Fortenews. I`ve prepared a special edition for you. This time, besides news and information, a lot of puzzles are waiting for you.
What do you fi nd in the current edition of Fortenews? We have a look at the screeds industry and quick setting screeds, IT world of our IT specialists, take a look at photos of Fortemix product workshop and much more ...
Take a rest for a minute and enjoy our news.

I wish you a nice summer!

P.S. The correct answers are listed on the last page.
Romana Holečková
Marketing specialist
Fortedur topping is intended for the preparation of surface course of the industrial concrete flooring system you already well know. Will you be able to solve the following puzzle?
There are 9 unlabeled bags containing Fortedur topping. Eight of them contain Fortedur 1020, and one bag contains Fortedur 1030. Unluckily you don`t know to which this bag refers to. You only know that Fortedur 1030 is a bit heavier than the rest. There is an equal-arm balance at your disposal at which only two weightings can be done. How can I determine which of Fortedur 1030 bags contain?
Bags are the same, they can not be destroyed or torn. The weight of eight equal bags is the same. How do we weigh sacks to fi nd out which one contains Fortedur 1030?

Why is worth using of Fortedur toppings? Try to guess which of the claims are not true.
  • Longer service life of the floor compared to conventional concrete floor in relation to the minimal increase in the fi nal price.
  • Easy application
  • High resistance to operating load
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increased surface absorption
  • Increased resistance to aggressive substances (oils, solvents, etc.).
  • Dust suppression and anti-slip properties of the surface
  • In the dry component of the system, higher porosity is obtained due to SILICA EFFECT

Where have Fortedur toppings been recently used?
23.000 m2 - Factory production hall of Jaguar Nitra, SK
10.000 m2 – Production hall of the world manufacturer of bearings INA Skalica, s.r.o., SK
4.000 m2 - Warehouse and logistics complex Radonice, CZ
5.200 m2 - Industrial area Tábor, CZ
6.000 m2 - Business Park Ostrava - hall F.0 Ostrava Kunčičky, CZ
As usual, we organize various trainings for our distributors and customers in order to deepen product knowledge and receive certifi cation. We can provide you with tailor-made trainings.
One such training took place in April in the polish city - Głogówek. During the training not only was the application of Fornivel self-leveling floor and the placement of Fortelock tiles presented, but also an application of Forcem toppings.
If you are interested in training for yourself or training for your employees, please contact us to set a suitable date for you. Please contact our dealers directly.
And fi nally, there is a puzzle here ... Every product has its own value, you need to determine what value it is ...
The sum also means the number of countries where you can meet our products, toppings or tiles.
Have you ever wondered how to fi nish Fortelock floor around the walls? Can you make slats in the circuit, for example? Yes, it‘s pretty simple. See how easy this problem was solved by our client. You are also able to do it ...
Internal and external corners won`t make any troubles. The tiles should be cut to the required width. The elements should be joined together by means of interlocks and fastened to the wall.
In the case of a floor in a boiler house, garage, or other utility room, a floor makes a better impression if a consistent set was made.
Do you also feel like an alien from another planet when you are talking to someone from IT department? You aren`t the only one. I know a little bit about this topic and good enough so that I know that when my colleagues tell us to look at „this Cookies“, it‘ doesn`t mean crunchy cookies. And that‘s probably all what I know ... It‘s a very specifi c department of our company. Please read how it looks like ...
IT guys are a key part of your business. Despite the fact that most of the day they don`t take their eyes off the screen and are not always visible, their work manifests itself in all areas of the company‘s work. What would happen if IT wouldn`t have done all the settings correctly and something wouldn`t work ...

  • We wouldn’t even open the door to our company
  • Production lines and machines wouldn’t carry on their works
  • There would be no expedition and internal systems
  • Nobody would be able to call anyone, send e-mails, etc.

Now everything is connected by some kind of network, we aren’t even capable of imagining anything diff erent ... IT department is obvious.
„Something happened .... it doesn`t work again ... I did nothing... what should I do ...“ These are the most common complaints that our IT magicians hear when they save us from everyday problems with computational techniques. We are ordinary mortals, we sit at the desk for hours and beg our computer to turn on, turn off or work faster. IT magicians have many years of experience, they fi nd an immediate solution and our job is getting easier. In addition to these daily tasks, they also have strategic plans for our further development.

Some companies prefer proven, ready-made technical solutions. In our company we create floors all by ourselves, from the beginning. The entire internal system in our company was created by our IT staff . Creating everything on your own, preparing solutions, testing, and implementing projects also means a number of other diffi culties. These diffi culties, however, compensate for the benefi ts for which they `re all grateful. Our IT department has created our own internal system, and therefore we can effi ciently manage all processes, production, technology and logistics processes or optimize them as needed. For example, if your marketing department needs to set other metrics for your work to measure and collect data, this is not a problem because the system is flexible and doesn`t narrow down us at all.
Password of the day is „User Friendly“! Our IT department is committed to make our for our company, employee-friendly, easy-to-use systems. The company doesn’t adapt to the system, the system adapts to the company.

And when I asked the boys from IT what they were laughing at recently, or what was their biggest challenge, then, as the real gentlemen did, they weren’t talking about the cases they were entertaining at our expense (we = employees of other departments), but they gave a great power backup and auto shutdown tests for long-term power cuts. The goal was to spread the load on individual backup sources and at the same time to solve the problem of how to turn off devices that don`t receive direct shutdown instructions after a certain time without power.

In case of cut off power, ensure that the equipment has suffi cient time to achieve „stop tribe“ and didn’t damage certain components, especially disks, which, though making backups, what would mean unnecessary problems.

Tests and trials took place several times, procedures were well thought out, everything was prepared for presentation before the management of the company. But when the time came for the presentation, about half of the devices didn’t shut down and easily continued their work :) So nothing else, do the tests again and fi nd a new solution. It is better not to blow hot and cold. And since then we‘ve already done a lot more tests.
In Fortemix, besides tiles, toppings, self-leveling floors, we also produce quick-setting screeds Forcem. What are screeds and what should be considered when we are using them? Read some useful tips ...
In what situation would you use a quick-setting screed and what should you consider? When...
  • a very even floor is required,
  • fast execution is required

A cement screed generally contains not only cement but also some sand as aggregate and water. Other admixtures and additives can also be used to improve its properties. On the market there are many manufacturers and an optimal choice of screeds could be diffi cult. The following aspects should be considered during the selection process:

1. Consider the place and conditions of the application Very important are the weather conditions during the application (summer, winter, moisture, draft), screed layer thickness, floor coverings and structural system of the building. The choice of screed may aff ect the time requirements and operating conditions of the facility, in particular the requirement for a short drying time.

2. Method of application For example, Forcem screed can be applied to mature, mechanically cohesive and non-contaminated concrete surfaces. The concrete substrate must exhibit adequate compressive strength (min 25 N / mm 2) and tensile strength min. 1.5 N / mm2. Forcem mass is evenly poured onto the concrete substrate and distributed with the trackpad with the required thickness.

Recommendations: Prior to application, the holes and cracks must be repaired using Fortegrout 1210 or 1220 grouts. The grout should be selected according to the depth of the crack or hole.

3. Also consider the thickness of the screed layer The recommended floor screed thickness for underfloor heating is 8 cm (minimum 7 cm), without floor heating 6 cm (minimum 5 cm). Forcem self-levelling screed is intended for a thickness of 10 - 50 mm.

4. When you can walk on it If you decide on a screed, read carefully about the possibilities of walking on it. Some manufacturers report that after 3 days you can walk on the screed, which could complicate you job.
In general, it is possible to carry out simple building works after 7 days. Load of screed (storage), point loads (scaff olds), dynamic loads (vibrations), especially at the ends of the room and expansion joints must be prevented. Consider also the amount of material and terms of execution of the job. Forcem screed can be fully loaded after 7 days.

5. You can also be surprised by the shrinkage of material Great impact on shrinkage, layer thickness, drying rate, site temperature, sudden temperature changes, etc. In all such cases, volumetric changes occur in the case of cementitious material, which can lead to deformation or cracks. Therefore, in the case of cement screeds, gaps must be made that allow for controlled cracking at specifi c locations and prevent further cracking.

Recommendations: During the application, draft, direct sunlight and other factors that cause premature drying during installation should be prevented.

Additional information Forcem self-levelling screed is intended for the preparation of a leveling layer of concrete floors, for which exceptional durability and adhesion to the concrete substrate are required. It is ideal for all types of floor coverings (tiles, laminate flooring, PVC, synthetic coatings and screeds, etc.). Screeds can also be used in industrial plants with high loads.
Maybe many of you have already noticed that we had changed the main photo on Fortelock website. Fortelock is popular thanks to easy installation and
adaptation to old surfaces, etc. And new images on Fortelock‘ s main page are an example of this situation.

Solution for the quizzes:
Which bag contains Fortedur 1030?
In order to fi nd out which bag contains Fortedur, you have to divide your bags into 3 diff erent groups, each of them containing 3 bags of Fortedur products. Weigh two groups on your balance. If their weight is the same, the Fortedur 1030 has to be in the third group of bags. Now, you just have to take 2 bags from the group which had a diff erent weight during the fi rst weighing and place them on the balance. If one of them is heavier than the other, here is your solution. If both of them are the same, your Fortedur 1030 must be in the last bag.
The false answers are:
Obviously you got them right! Our products don’t increase the surface absorption and in the dry component of the system, lower porosity is obtained due to silica eff ect.

Product values:
The product values are the followings: Fortedur=22.5, Fortelock=17 and Forcem=4.5. And the fi nal result is 44.
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Dear business partners
and customers,
I have begun writing the new issue of our quarterly ForteNews and realized that the clock is ticking. It’s already been three months since the last issue. First there was Christmas, then you get started in January, suddenly it’s February, but that month is too short to count, the snow begins to melt and spring is here. So let’s have a look at what’s new this time…
First, a short evaluation of last year and look at the trade fairs. The last issue showed you how it works with shipping. This time I have a story for you from the production line where the cement is made. Finally, we will take a really close look at how to repair a concrete floor that had a really hard time during winter, and show you what’s new in marketing.

Wishing you a pleasant spring
Romana Holečková
Marketing specialist
Balancing, planning, evaluating, the yearly moment of reflection about what the previous year was like, what it gave us and what it took away. We certainly weren’t forgotten. Let‘s take a look.
Right now you are probably expecting a flurry of beautiful graphs and tables with arrows showing our sales or financial situation. I originally intended it to do be that way, but then I started thinking that it wasn’t necessary and we already have everything “re-tabled”. So please forgive me for there being no graph or table this year.

Just a few words about last year: our sales grew by 20% in comparison with the previous year, we acquired other regions and penetrated new markets, increased our number of employees, worked on developing new projects, and also increased the production capacity of our machines.

This singular image aptly describes everything...

You deserve credit for it, and therefore we cordially thank you.
The first quarter of 2017 has been literally packed with various trade fairs. We took part in the traditional, long-standing trade fairs, we entered new countries, presented our new and current products, but above all we enjoyed your visits. And how did it go?
It all began in Hanover, Germany, at Domotex. There were 4 days of megalomaniacal stands, flooring innovations, proactive Arab traders with carpets, and also interesting contracts that resulted in an expansion of our sales territories (they will be walking on Fortelock floor tiles in Bahrain as well).

The doors had hardly closed in Hanover when they opened in Munich at BAU. This trade fair is not quite typical for floors, so we took advantage of a cooperation with the Czech Trade stand to share an exhibition. BAU attracted a large number of visitors this year, estimated at around 300,000. It was really huge.

While we had one leg in Germany, the other one was heading to the US. TISE Las Vegas was our first more intimate encounter with the American market. First exposure, first contacts, first meetings, first closed deals. Despite all the bureaucracy, long distance and unpredictability of the market, we are happy to be able to get across the big pond.
At the beginning of the following month, the traditional BUDMA trade in Poznan (Poland) came. This construction trade fair has already become our second home, because we have been exhibiting here for several years. We presented not only our floor tiles, but also cement mixtures, self-leveling compounds, coatings and other building materials. It was a pleasant surprise to find Fortelock floor tiles not only in our stall, but also in neighboring ones as the flooring underneath their exhibited products.

March brought with it a new experience in the form of Made Expo Milan. This friendly country has shown us their best in the local, widely visited Milan trade fair. Their enthusiasm for floor tiles has encouraged and motivated us to learn Italian. We were able to order Limoncello at the restaurants, but explanation of our certificate of flammability with arms and legs to Italians was not so easy. In short, this trade fair was worth in all respects.
In Germany it started, and in Germany it ends. LOGIMAT, a large trade fair focused on distribution, closed out the period. And since we distribute to all corners of the world, we couldn’t miss out on it. It’s in the stars whether we see each other again at another trade fair. Of course, if that happens, we will let you know in time so we could meet up there.
Have you ever wondered about shared exhibitions?
You can exhibit with us. Your product can be presented in terms of production and distribution. It’s one of the ways to get word out about your brand, to find new clients and save on the costs of acquiring new ones. Let us know and we will try to work something out.
In the last issue of Fortenews, I showed you how everything works in shipping and how we deal with unforeseen situations here. I would like to give you now a look behind the scenes of the production area, meaning the places that produce not only pours, but also self-leveling compounds, coatings and curing mixtures. You will see what the average working day looks like, what must production face, and the recquiered extreme conditions for it.
The production of pours was a part of the production for that Friday, so I gave it special attention as part of bringing you a report for this production as a whole.

A day in production
While many of us are still sleeping, the men in their gear are starting up the machines already at 5 o’clock in the morning to have the first sacks of mixture ready to go in an hour. Each of them has a carefully set role and task to make sure that the mix is blended the way it should be, the sacks go out as they should, and the machines don’t sputter. Whoever is not directly standing at the machine, he is sitting in front of the computer. For example, there are people in the control room who follow each step of the product, each filling, each flap from several monitors. Their office therefore looks a little like the bridge in Star Trek and nothing escapes their attention. In one day, several thousand sacks leave the production line.

Put on your white gloves, let’s go to production
Once ready, cleaning is set up. This phase is one of the most important ones in the entire production and post-production process. The environment in which pouring mixtures are produced is very dusty, so everything is subject to a thorough cleaning. This is done during the course of the day, at the end of it, and during major cleanups at regular intervals.
This can’t happen until after the activity of the production line comes to its end and great buildups of dust still remain in place. From time to time foreign distributors and developers arrive to see how it looks here. All of them admitted that they know many production lines, but they have never seen such a clean one and it is always surprising for them. Everything has its rules, its place, its proper designation. The settings of this process allow us to ensure that the environment for the workers is the most acceptable and without overloading the senses.

From extremes to extremes
Not even here in the halls is every day the same and there are plenty of unforeseen situations that need to be dealt with; here are a couple of them.
1. We mix the color of the pours according to the color of the brick wall to ensure the wall and floor match.
2. The factory was running at full capacity on 23 December in order to deliver sacks to the customer on time.
3. Other non-standard colors are produced as well, such as a pour in a brick or blue color.
4. The production lines keep going in wintertime until the frost freezes in the pipes. Then we have to try and defrost them, and if this doesn’t work, we go home. :-)
The long winter was great for all the ski enthusiasts, but of course it caused no small amount of scrapes on outdoor concrete surfaces which doesn’t cause a similar euphoria. Learn how to fix it or how to prevent your parking from becoming an arable field.
Outdoor surfaces often function as a parking, taxiway, storage area, etc. Even though they are often subjected to intensive stress, their surface is usually less hardened than within it. If we add to that all the effects of salt, acid rain, frost, or direct sunlight, which result in the degradation, delamination, efflorescence, or washing out of the concrete surface.

How to minimize this problem?
1. Avoid the problem already during installation
2. Perform additional impregnation throughout its lifetime
3. Fix problematic concrete surfaces in time

Avoid the problem already during installation
Future problems can be minimized during installation by improving the parameters of the surface layer by using Fortedur pour or Fortedur Wet screed. Compared to a simple polished concrete surface, a pour will give your surface greater resistance to abrasion, to frost and to defrosting substances, and it will also provide a lower water absorption, and a higher surface hardness, etc.

Already during installation, you will be able to improve the parameters of your concrete surface with Fortecoat 1425, a two-step treatment using a polymer organic-based sealing coat.

It is necessary to apply the first coat immediately after smoothing. Thanks to its solvent system, this coat gets deep into the structure of the concrete and so fulfills the hardening function. After drying, a thin polymeric film is created on the surface that creates a layer preventing the excessive evaporation of water from mature concrete.

But the concrete surface will be more absorbent especially if a pour is not used, so we recommend applying a sealing coat as the second step – within 48 hours of the first coat. This coating will build on the original one and fill in areas where the original film is uneven. This will give you a sealed surface layer that will significantly reduce surface effl orescence and the water absorption of the floor.
For both protective coatings, we recommend Fortecoat 1425, our product for treating concrete floors, which shows a 93-94% efficiency of treatment. Again, it’s thanks to the solvent system used that a high degree of depth penetration of the top concrete layer is possible, as well as the quick creation of a film resistant to the effects of water and air moisture, and so it ensures the maximum possible treatment of the floor.

Note. Unfortunately, anywhere an aerating additive is used in concrete we do not recommend cement pours that are mechanically smoothed on a fresh concrete mix. This is because of the possibility of defects forming in connection with an aeration additive in fresh concrete. These defects appear irregularly, and their formation is described in a number of observations on the Internet or in specialized publications and seminars.

Perform additional impregnation throughout the lifetime of the floor
It is recommended to apply silicate impregnation to the surface throughout its lifetime that will again ensure the sealing of the surface and so prevent water from getting into it and causing erosion. Silicate impregnation, moreover, has a curing effect that increases the hardness of the surface.

For this treatment, we recommend the product FormulaForte 1610 Hard, which is from the third generation of silicates that, with their unique composition, ensure considerable waterproofing, hardening and that deep impregnation of the surface.
The original website for Fortelock floor tiles has undergone some changes in illustrations and content. Have you seen them already?
In January, we launched a new website for Fortelock PVC floor tiles. We created it so that you can find all the important information at a glance. Whether of a technical nature, reference or for optional uses. Also new is the blog, where we will regularly add articles with advice, tips, etc. You can also find a comparison of products, various floor solutions for unconventional spaces, or simple tutorials.

Check back regularly on this site if you have a current data sheet and information about a product. Can you think of something we might want to add? Are you lacking some information here? Write me at
See how the floor in the Hyundai Mobis production hall looks after using Fortedur mixture.
This issue of ForteNews has been primarily devoted to pours, and that’s why all the references to this area. Today you can see what the floor looks like in the new Hyundai Mobis Lamp Shop CZ production hall, which was built near Ostrava (CZ). It’s 55,000 m2 of concrete surfaces with Fortedur 1030 poured in. The polished surface of the floor is enhanced thanks to the product Fortecoat 1425.
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business partners and customers,
here we are again with a new issue of the Fortenews quarterly bringing you a fl ash summary of what’s new from Fortemix, especially regarding developments in products, sales and marketing.
The main theme of this issue is the upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions which we won’t miss. We’ll take you behind the scenes of the shipping department to show you how it works and how we deal with unforeseen situations. Our “development” has also made a contribution by preparing information for you about the product FormulaForte1605 Integral. And fi nally we will check out what’s going on in marketing, where a personnel change has occurred.

So let’s do it...
Romana Holečková
Marketing specialist
The season of trade fairs and exhibitions is approaching. In early 2017 we can look forward to not only countries of Europe, but also in distant America. Note that we will present new products from our fl oor line for 2017, so don’t miss out.
Choose the city closest to you and come for a chat. We would love to see you again.
These trade fairs are among the most important and off er the widest selection from the construction industry.

DOMOTEX – Hannover, DE
14. – 17. January 2017
Where to fi nd us: Halle 6, Stand H10
Contact person: Jakub Havel
(Czech, English, German)
18. – 20. January 2017
Where to fi nd us: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Booth Nr. 345
Contact person: Jakub Grim (Czech, English)
BUDMA – Poznań, PL
7. – 10. February 2017
Where to fi nd us: Pawilon 3
Contact person: Fabian Rudziak,
Jakub Kowalovka (Polish)
LOGIMAT – Stuttgart, DE
14. – 16. March 2017
Where to fi nd us: to be specifi ed later
Contact person: Jakub Havel (Czech, English, German)
BAU 2017 – München, DE
16.- 21. January 2017
Where to fi nd us: collaboration with the organization Czech Trade
Contact person: Jakub Havel (Czech, English, German)

Make an appointment beforehand!
Please contact our sales reps who will be at the fair and arrange a meeting. You will fi nd their contacts on the website of Fortemix.
Conquering the North, that’s what to call, with slight exaggeration, the expansion of our business activities to the Nordic countries, specifi cally Norway.
Fortelock tiles have found use in the industrial and commercial sector. Their popularity is growing thanks to their heavy load and chemical resistance.

The shipping department is an essential part of every production and sales company, and with us it’s no diff erent. This indispensable part of the team must deal with challenges and unexpected situations every day. Let’s have a look at how it works and how they deal with unforeseen situations…
What happens after your order is placed?
Every customer order, most often sent by electronic means, is carefully entered into our internal system and processed immediately or as soon as possible. The staff of the shipping department immediately evaluates it and checks warehouse and possibly production capacity. The right logistics solution, which mainly depends on delivery times and shipping price, is chosen with regards to the parameters of the order. Due to the fact that orders vary (transport of goods for inconvenient times, special requirements for the type of vehicle, quantity and type of product, in the grips of production deadlines and delivery, etc.), shipping and logistics is largely imaginative work, if not an adventure. Where the standard shipping options end (collection service, regular truck lines), the creative work begins, the results of which are new and optimal solutions.
The main thing of all is to get the goods to the specifi ed location on time and according to the requirements given in the order, to the complete satisfaction of the client.
Anecdotes from the shipping department
We loaded 24 tons of material within 15 minutes
“One day an order arrived for 24 tons, meaning an entire truck, of cement to Poland. We started looking for the ideal carrier able to haul it, because this was no small amount of material. By coincidence, we didn’t have to wait long. Just behind the fence of a neighboring company was an empty truck ready for loading the desired amount of material. The result was that 15 minutes after receiving the order, loading was already taking place, and when our customer contacted us to ask about possible delivery times, the goods were long across the border.”
Public holidays are no fun when you have to ship 10,000 tiles in four days, and to France no less
“Public holidays and days off during the week are mostly welcome with a smile. Of course, these days are usually not fun for the shipping department. Deliveries are held up, transport is not working. These days sometimes require a great deal of patience and creativity.
An example was an order for 10,000 tiles to France, with the condition that they be delivered in four days during morning hours. We are generally used to such inconvenient deadlines, so under normal circumstances it would not have been a problem, but one of the days fell on a public holiday and the carriers weren’t operating. We knew that the tiles would be ready for shipping from production immediately the next day, so we started looking around for someone who could carry them at that speed. It wasn’t the most fl attering of situations.
The fi rst carrier we addressed said they could do it in six days - too long.
The second carrier said they would have to load them the day before the order arrived in order to make it :) - obviously impossible.
The third one swore they could handle it – perfect solution.

On D-day, when the goods were supposed to leave for France, we got information that the truck, for unknown reasons, would not be arriving. Honestly, our calls with the carrier that made the promise, asking that they fi nd an urgent solution, went on forever. We were surprised, however, that people we had never heard of before called us themselves and off ered to provide this service.
Finally, after three hours of uncertainty, another truck was found and the goods made it to France on the day requested.”

Shipping supervisor Bohdan Gałuszka

Do you want more than just look at products in the catalog or on the Internet? Wouldn’t you rather get an impression from the actual product itself? You don’t have to limit yourself to just pictures. Write us for a floor sample.
It isn’t the easiest thing deciding which fl oor to choose, that’s why we have prepared free samples for you. We try to make it easy for you, to consider what the fl oor actually looks like, give you a rough idea of it, whether the sample makes a sufficient
impression, whether the color suits you, etc...

More information on the website
Tip for you
Give away some samples of our fl oors among your customers. It’s usually enough to send just a small rectangular sample of the pattern and color the client wants, this way you save him from having to make a diffi cult decision and increase the chance of another sale. We will gladly help you, so don’t
hesitate and write us for samples of Fortelock floors, of course in reasonable quantities so that we don’t have to send an entire truck. :)
Although it may seem to you that the name of the FormulaForte product line was taken out of a manual for magicians, it’s not this way. This is a product that allows a perfect cure for concrete surfaces. Learn how it works and what its benefi ts are.
If we might get into a little chemical nomenclature, it involves a polymer silicate that integrates the densifi cation of concrete and a polymer for easier smoothing. And what does that mean for us mortals? And what is it good for? This product is especially good for industry, where it is also used most often. Talking specifi cally about the product FormulaForte 1605 Integral, it provides a cure for a surface prepared for the heaviest load. It greatly facilitates machine smoothing even at a lower water content in the concrete and without the need to disturb the concrete by spraying it with water. Did you know that spraying
with water is one of the most common causes of disputes and complaints? Why is this so?
Spraying water on the top layer of mechanically smoothed fl ooring leads to greater porosity, lower surface hardness, increased volumetric changes. And these changes lead to a decrease in the key material properties. Such as surface durability, the formation of surface defects (from microcracks to real cracks), reduced cleanability, and the consequence is a lower utility value of the construction work.
The benefi ts of using the product in practice
  • Lubricates the smoothed surface for easier and more eff ective smoothing without the need to spray water
  • Fortedur reduces hairline fractures when chemically combined with the additive ASA in the pour
  • Speeds up total smoothing time
  • Facilitates smoothing and improves the quality of the fi nal surface
  • Reduces the rate of evaporation and therefore helps when smoothing in sunlight, in wind, dryness, and outdoor spaces, etc.
  • Reduces eff ort during smoothing and the wear on machines
  • Increases the fi nal abrasion resilience of the fl oor thanks to synergic action with the amorphous silica oxide used in the additive SilicaEff ect in the Fortedur pour
  • Thanks to pure silicates, it produces a harder, less moisture-absorbing surface that is more resistant to stains
  • Increases impact toughness and surface hardness
  • Improves the cleaning of fl oors and signifi cantly reduces splash

How does it work?
FormulaForte 1605 Integral is sprayed onto fresh concrete, particularly before the smoothing process, and whenever necessary during the course of it. It starts to react with the ingredients in the concrete and slows the hardening of the top layer. This will give you more time for smoothing and also help you avoid the formation of cracks. Fortedur moreover reduces hairline fractures when chemically combined with the additive ASA in the pour (Don’t know what the ASA additive is for? You can fi nd out in the next issue of the ForteNews quarterly magazine)

Thanks to the technology of pure silicates, FormulaForte 1605 Integral disinfects the concrete surface and increases its compactness. Treated surfaces mean the elimination of dust, lower water absorption and easier cleaning.
Is there a nonprofi t organization in your area that needs a boost? The organization should be focused on helping socially or physically disadvantaged people, supporting education, civil society, etc. Let us know, and if we can help somehow, we will be glad to.
At present we help
  • Center Fort 49 in Krakow. The center actively supports and helps socially handicapped children and youth.
  • Mobile hospice Ondrášek – organization involved in comprehensive assistance for terminally ill children and adults and their families
  • Charity Frýdek-Místek – nonprofi t organization providing a wide range of social services. The target users of its services are the elderly, people with mental illness, and young people at risk from social exclusion.
  • Stonožka Ostrava – organization that assists people with disabilities - mental, physical, combined, and people with autism spectrum disorder, aged 6 – 64 years.
  • Portal – Internet portal dealing with the history of the 20th century, used mostly by history teachers.
  • Charity festival SweetsenFest
  • Reconstruction of the state – organization actively supporting civil society and the responsibility of politicians

Send your suggestions to:

Fortelock tiles were also chosen as the best alternative fl oor coverings in garages for BMWs. This is primarily thanks to its characteristics, such as resistance to chemicals and stress, easy and quick installation, easy maintenance and cleaning.
Floor tiles: Fortelock Black
Area: 3,000 m2
Country: Germany
Year made: 2016
And because we will meet up again next year, we would like to wish you:

A very Merry Christmas and much success in your personal and professional life.
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Hello, our dear customers,
In the 3rd edition of ForteNews 2016, we have prepared these topics for you:
  • Do your dry shakes “shoot”? In cooperation with experts in the field, we have found the cause in practice.
  • 55,000 m2 of Fortedur 1030 metallic dry shake for a new Mobis Lamp Shop hall in Ostrava – Mošnov.
  • Lithuanian beer on a Czech floor – 7,000 m2.
  • The so often mentioned topic of refugees in Europe has also touched Fortemix. How? They occupy 7,600 m2 on Fortelock PVC tiles.
On behalf of Fortemix, I wish you a sunny summer
Monika Chwastková
Marketing Manager
We have it confirmed by independent technical experts
It happens that on some floors, grains of the dry shake (or fine aggregate from the top layer of concrete) come loose in the course of smoothing and fall out of the concrete. This subsequently leaves a small hole or crater on the surface, which is sometimes a reason for a complaint claim on the floor and the necessity to repair the floor.
Because we have also encountered it with some of our clients, we decided to address members of the VUT (Technical University) and, in cooperation with Fortemix technicians, explain the formation of this phenomenom.
In general it can be said that this phenomenom occurs in various concretes and using various dry shakes from different manufacturers. The same defects were registered on simple troweled concretes, where small grains of fine aggregate fell out.
This made finding the causes substantially more difficult. We thus took a part of the floor with the occurence of loosening grains of the dry shake filler at several projects. We carried out the sampling with a core bore to a depth of 30mm, without using cooling. We formatted the intact sample under laboratory conditions, and after removing the dry shake filler and gilding it we examined
  • The area of the formed crater
  • The fracture surface of the cement dry shake cut
  • The machine-smoothed wear layers
Using electron microscopy (magnification 50x ), we identified, under the removed concrete dry shake filler, the porosity of the top layer of the concrete mix.
The porous structure exhibited inteconnection into channel structures that were most probably formed by the mechanism of pushing out of the plasticizer solution (pore water) to the surface during compaction. This is also the manner in which weakening of the connection between the base concrete and the filler occurred, whereby the surrounding binder does not form the usual dense structure, but markedly porous areas, which cannot ensure sufficient cohesiveness of the filler with the surrounding concrete. The rising plasticizer solution permeated all the way up to the wear layer abutting the filler. This can be seen in the photographs below.
Loosening of the particles from the wear layer (the dry shake or top layer of the concrete) comes about, and does so regardless of their chemical composition or the morphology of the surface (quartz sand as well as crushed sintered abrasive stone).
The defect is thus not caused by unsuitable parameters of the surface layer of the filler.
It can be affirmed that from the perspective of CSN 74 4505, the observed defect is removable by remediation procedures.
The falling out of dry shake filler thus does not occur due to the incompatibility of the agregates in the dry shake with the concrete, but due to the formation of porous structure directly in the concrete under the dry shake.
Curbing of this phenomenon can be achieved only by modifying the formulation of the concrete mix
  • Maintain a lower water coefficient (do not exceed w/c 0.55)
  • Do not markedly decrease the cement content
  • Do not markedly replace cement by its “substitutes” (finely ground slag and the like)
  • Curb the use or minimize the content of superplasticizer (especially the strongest types based on polycarboxylates)
  • Ascertain whether there is not an increase of the air content in cement with wires in combination with the used superplasticizer

Our floorers recommend Fortedur 1030!
Fortedur 1030
  • Dry shake mix with metallic fillers (56.5%)
  • Suitable for armored floors with extreme loads (warehouses, factory workshops, wholesale depots)
  • Increased resistance to absorption of liquids (oils, solvents and others)
  • Contains ASA (reduces cracking)
  • Contains SILICA EFFECT (lower porosity, lower absorption)
Advantages of the system
  • Low price
  • High productivity and ease of the laying
  • Possibility of high operational loading
  • Reduced dustiness and non-slippage of surface
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increased resistance to absorption of aggressive substances
  • Possibility of color variants
55,000 m2 for new Mobis Lamp Shop hall in Ostrava – Mošnov
“We decided for the Fortedur 1030 dry shake because of its abrasion, wear and hardness parameters. Specifically, therefore, because of the high load of the machines, the high frequency of forklift trucks, and also because of the resistance of the floor to abrasion, assuming that particles that arise in production will fall upon it. “
Ivan Leitmann
Technical Manager, Proreco
Lithuanian beer on a Czech floor – 7,000 m2
“I have been working with Fortemix for several years already and I recommend which material is most suitable for a contract to our architects. For high loads, which there will be in the this warehouse, Fortedur 1030 is ideal.“
Gediminas Janulis
Director of UAB “Betono apsaugos sistemos”, Vilnius

Other selected contracts with metallic dry shake
Fortedur 1030 and Fortedur 1031
Refugees in Dusseldorf were housed on 7,600 m2 of Fortelock
“The main requirement was speed of the laying.
7,600 m2 was laid with Fortelock PVC tiles in less than 3 weeks.“
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Dear Sirs,
I am very glad that I had with some of you during the first quarter of my term Fortemix meet and hear valuable feedback.
Thank you for your courtesy in cooperation and look forward to the next meeting.
We have prepared a comparative study of the movement of VZV in predefined paths between high bay stacker. We compare the machine-glazed cement grinding system running taxi stop.
I wish you a pleasant reading.
Monika Chwastková
Marketing Manager
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What about the tiles Fortelock told our customers...

When you add logs, it pays to ultimately AFFORDABLE
"We needed a quick solution for very damaged concrete floor. An important requirement was that the resulting surface to withstand the frequent trucks with higher load In addition, we can afford to close it two days a year, so we needed to put a floor was completed in the shortest possible time. Slip floor and if you do find one damaged tile, it is immediately replaced. "
Mr. Barcai
operations manager, Florist Curel

"Superbly maintained. The guys got a lot of sweat and the sweat on those tiles will then give a really easy and quick wash. A further advantage ... when compared with the competition, were clearly the cheapest. "
Milan Hanousek
owner of Diamond Gym Fitness Center
SERVICE? This is our competitive advantage
  • Professional team of Sales managers with years of experience in the field
  • Offer technical assistance is in us
  • Most of our products we ship within 24 hours of order
  • Convenient transport prices - every day we demand tens of forwarding companies
  • Any complaint immediately solved to mutual satisfaction

"For me, a very important service and quality of the delivered material and it gets me from you, I am fully satisfied."
Rajmund Szantó
Interier - Tatry, spol. s r.o.
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