System characteristics

Floor made of PVC tiles is a system of industrial tiles with a lock for free laying that can be applied on both old and new concrete floors, if there are requirements for quick and simple installation, possible dismounting and extreme abrasion and shock resistance.


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Suitable operations

Temporary operations

Production, incl. extremely heavy




Offices, shops


System advantages

Fast and simple laying

Floor is dismountable and removable

Minimum surface treatment required

Dust-free and anti-skid surface

Resistance to mechanical and chemical damage

Colour combinations

Tolerance to underlayer moisture

Unsuitable operations

Chemical and food industry

(due to joints between tiles)

Outdoor areas

System disadvantages

Higher price

Innovation compared with competitors

Fortelock tiles have special ribwork preventing its shifting and accumulation of water. The number and design of locks secures maximum interconnection of tiles. PU coating is applied after application and in a thicker layer

System parameters

  • Layer thickness 6.5 mm
  • Tile dimensions (500×500mm)
  • Immediate foot traffic
  • Immediate full load
  • Abrasion according to BCA 0.00 mm

Process steps

  • Surface levelling and sweeping (in case of major unevenness use Fornivel)
  • Laying and connecting Fortelock tiles by means of locks
  • Trimming the tiles along the walls and in corners and their gluing at the places of fork-lift trucks turning, for instance
  • Connection to ramps
  • Application of top sealing PU lacquer (optional)

Fortelock system composition

  • Fornivel 1110, 1111, 1120, 1121 (underlayer levelling)
  • Fortelock 2010 (standard tiles 500x500mm)
  • Fortelock 2015 (ramp/corner)
Fortelock 2010, 2020
Industrial use
Fortelock 2010, 2020
Fortelock system is constitued on interlocking tiles made of PVC.
Fortelock 2010, 2020
Fortelock 2015, 2025
Ramp / corner
Fortelock 2015, 2025
Ramp/corner for system Fortelock.
Fortelock 2015, 2025
Fortelock 2050, 2060
Civil and commercial use
Fortelock 2050, 2060
Fortelock system is constitued on interlocking tiles made PVC.
Fortelock 2050, 2060
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